Dear Rastar shareholders,

By the end of March, 2017, there have been more than 66,203 shareholders of Rastar including 485 institutional investors.  I, on behalf of every staff in Rastar, extend sincere greetings and sound thanks to our customers, investors and the cooperative partner.

In the past one year, the performance of Rastar has grown rapidly. In 2016, the operation revenue reached 2.393 billion RMB with the year-on-year growth of 42.83%. The retained profits vested to the parent company reached 458 million RMB with year-on-year growth of 30.15% and in the recent 10 years, the compound annual growth rate has reached 43.62%. After the company was listed in the growth enterprise market on Jan, 2010, via equity financing, the company gained 270 million RMB to the acquisition of Teamtop Game Inc and the other acquisitions were finished via the owned fund. In the past seven years, the cash bonus has reached 210 million RMB and in the future, Rastar group is going to raise funds with the way of rationing the shares to original shareholders and the gross amount of raise fund will be 11.19 billion RMB, which will be used to the game development, repaying for the liability with interest and supplying the working capital.

The stable development of the business in different fields drives the rapid growth of Rastar Group. In the past one year, in the game field, Rastar Group gained the turnover with year-on-year growth of 122.87%. We gained the adaptation right and operation of "Legend of the Three Kingdoms" and Mir 2. Co-operated with Xianfeng Inc in Suzhou, the mobile game, "Blaze Glory" has been an important work in the game market and the turnover has reached 130 million RMB. Via wholly holding the share of Quwan Internet lnc, Rastar has realized the platformized layout which is professional in the mobile games.

In 2016, it was the first year for Rastar Group to hold the RCD Espanyol. We introduced the advanced corporate management method and financial management system to the club and made full use of the teenager training system to develop many young trainees. They have been the backbone for the team and gain the better performance, which improved the profit of company. So far, in the competition season of La Liga in 2016-2017, RCD Espanyol has created the highest league points compared with the year-on-year growth in the recent 10 years. The competition of RCD Espanyol has attracted lots of attention in the society which improve the internal collectivity and the brand power of the company.

On Jan, 2017, Rastar Group finished the purchase part for the project of integrated office in Guangzhou and it has the important significance to the internal integration for a listed company especially for the business in game filed. In the future, the integration office will help Rastar Group to improve the internal efficiency and create the united brand image.

With the development of Rastar Group, more and more people enter Rastar and there have been almost ten thousand staffs and teenager trainees in Rastar. I always believe that the development of a company could not do without the support of society and devotion of the staffs. Rastar Group is creating the platform for the employees to realize their value, sharing the happiness of the development with the employees and taking the corporate social responsibility.

My partner, Mr. Zheng Zefeng, is one of the excellent employees in Rastar Group. As the founder of Guangdong Xinghui Teamtop Interactive Entertainment Co., Ltd, Mr Zheng entered Rastar Group to be responsible for the industrial investment and management in the game field, which inserted the valuable Internet gene to Rastar. So, I am very pleased to declare Mr. Zheng Zefeng will work as the general manager of Rastar Group and we believe he will create more value for the company. I am expecting that there will be more talents like Mr. Zheng in Rastar to help the company develop.

In 2016, we changed the Chinese name of Rastar Security into Rastar Entertainment. Now we have the business covering different fields including toys, games, football, live show and E-sport. We take the original value to make the health and happiness around you. The change of Chinese brand name can help strengthen the brand value and shape a clear image for Rastar.

In this year, we are expecting a better future. So far, the total order amount of toys and its derivatives has reached the best performance compared with the corresponding period after the company was set up. We gained the exclusive adaptation right and operation of "Legend of the Three Kingdoms" and there are new games soon to appear in the market like "Eternal Heaven", "Super Seminary", "Magic code of Carefree" and "Final Winner", which will being the new development for Rastar. RCD Espanyol will try best to fight for the higher league points and the first-line team and teenager teams will create more chances for the domestic football players, which will bring more business value for the club and Rastar.

It is the top priority for Rastar to realize the harmonious development. In the future, Rastar will focus on the main business in the fields of games, toys and sports to make the continuous internal development. We will form the sustainable internal development system with the serious and careful attitude.

Taking by surprise while keeping on the right path, never forget where our happiness comes from. Rastar will aim at creating the long-term investment value for the shareholders and obeying the operation principles to pay back the shareholders. We will keep work hard like craftsman to offer the various content and service and make happiness and health around you.

The imputation is accompanying with praise. I have paid attention to some imputation to Rastar and myself, which impact the profit of Rastar and its shareholders. I believe that the wise man knows he knows nothing, the fool thinks he knows all. But we will find the evidence and retain the right to pursue their legal duty.

Knowing how to endure all can stop at nothing, patience and perseverance will pay off. There is reduplicated hardship behind our success but we never give up the determination to be a leading entertainment group in the world. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the shareholders of Rastar because it is your trust and encouragement leading us to the continuous development. The time will see our choice and persistence and we expect to view the palingenesis of the flower out of the window and see the cloud come to and fro in the sky with you.

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