Rastar Group (stock code is 300043), its predecessor is Guangdong Xinghui Auto Model Co., Ltd founded in 2000 by Chen Yansheng which is the first listed company on GEM in Guangdong.

As the leading group in culture and entertainment industry, Rastar Group owns several leading companies in different industries including Xinghui Auto Model, Xinghui Teamtop Interactive Entertainment and Reial Club Deportiu Espanyol de Barcelona. Rastar has the offices settled in Shantou, Guangzhou, Zhangzhou and HongKong with more than 3000 staffs and covering entertainment industry including toys, mom&baby products, games and football.

Focusing on structuring the entertainment ecology, Rastar Group is building an entertainment platform with sustainable innovation ability, offering the excellent content and service of toys, games, football, film and television, E-sport and cartoon. It will connect the mobile end, VR/AR and AI which is aimed at offering the in-depth experience of entertainment.

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