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Social Responsibility

Rastar Group covers the fields of the game, football, toy and pursues the development path of "endogenous growth, extensional expansion, and integrated development". It takes it as its mission to promote a culture with a focus on the underlying values and positive energy while paying close attention to market and technology changes and development, by integrating the application of emerging technologies into business development strategies coupled for innovative cultural and sports product research and development. By doing so, Rastar Group will help present a true, multi-dimensional and panoramic China to the world with unique Chinese stories and provide our users with quality content services and profound entertainment experience. Rastar Group, continuously expanding, always adheres to the core values of putting people first. We actively fulfill our social responsibility and have set a good example by making great contributions to integrity management, environmental and ecological protection, energy conservation and emission reduction, labor rights and interests protection and charitable cause.

Charitable Cause

Rastar Group has always honored its commitment and mission as an outstanding enterprise in society by supporting the employment of disabled people, helping the needy, providing students from the poor family with financial aids and calling on employees to join the charitable cause. In taking real actions to perform its duty, it has promoted coordinated and harmonious development between the company, society, and nature.



Launched tomb-sweeping activities with the Communist Party Branch of Guangdong Entertainment Game Industry Association at the Guangzhou Uprising Martyrs Cemetery.

Cares for the needy and helps to combat poverty.



Provided aids for economically disadvantaged students of Taibao Middle School and Yonghe Middle School in Lianshan Zhuang and Yao Autonomous County.


Devoted to education with a donation of 200,000 RMB to Guangyi Primary School.

Supported the employment of disabled people by providing jobs to 9 physically disadvantaged people.

Donated funds for the construction of Lianhua Xinghui Greenway in Shantou city.


Donated 50,000 RMB to the Ciyang Fund of Guangdong Province to help impoverished people with cataracts to recover sight through surgery.

Devoted to clean water charity cause for old areas in Guangdong by Purchasing a Chinese traditional painting Spring Flower and Autumn Fruit by Fu Yongshan at a charity bazaar of calligraphy and paintings


Donated 1 million RMB for the "Poverty Alleviation Day of Guangdong" campaign and was named "Love Charity Star" by Shantou City People's Government.

Established Employees' Mutual Fund of Love to help employees and their families in need.

Donated 6,000 RMB to Guangzhou Blue Sky Rescue Association, a nongovernmental organization.



Participated in the 2nd Guangzhou Charity Project Promotion Conference and donates 200,000 RMB.


Donates 12,000 RMB to support the construction and development of South China University of Technology.

Participated in the "Love Brings us Together" charity activity and provided student aids to Yaotian Central Primary School in Xinfeng County, Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province.



Helped students from economically disadvantaged families or orphanages with schooling in Lianjiang.

Donated 155,000 RMB for the rescue and reconstruction of the disaster area in Lushan, Sichuan.


Donated 1.2 million RMB and was rewarded with the title of "Love and Charity Star of 2011" by Shantou Government.


Donated for earthquake-stricken people in Minliang, Yunnan.

Cared for disadvantaged people by employing people with poliomyelitis and paying for the surgery.



Donated 50,000 RMB to Guangdong Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.


Donated 1 million RMB for student aids in Guangdong.

Maked enthusiastic contributions to the public welfare by building bridges and roads.



Actively supported the educational development of Huiyu Middle School.


Mobilized all employees to donate to earthquake-stricken people in Yushu.


Called on all employees to participate in the Olympic torch relay activities to support the Olympic Games with actions.


Promptly raised funds for earthquake-stricken people in Wenchuan, Sichuan.